Introducing a children’s book about Selective Mutism

‘That Question’ is the story of a young girl experiencing selective mutism at school. She wants more than anything to belong, to feel a part of it all. It is when her peers ask her ‘that question’, the one she dreads most of all, that she is reminded of just how different she is.

The story, which evolved out of a poem I wrote several years ago, is based on my own childhood experiences with selective mutism.

This book is for all children. My hope is that it serves to educate children about the nature of selective mutism. Most of all I hope that children who experience the condition will resonate with my story and gain a sense of comfort from it. They are not alone.

I hope you enjoy it. Please follow the link to check it out:

That Question — Kindle edition by Williams, Jania. Children Kindle eBooks @

Published by Jania

I am a mother of three (almost all) adult daughters. I live amongst the beautiful vineyards of Adelaide. I have a cat called….little cat. I experiment with plant food. I love animals. I am relatively newly alcohol free. I am 49 and I still freeze like my ten year old self when people talk to me. The only way I feel I really have a voice is through writing. I have had many many fails in life to date. In recent years, however, I have redefined what success means to me and so, I’m ‘quietly’ confident there’s hope for me yet! View more posts

Originally published at on April 24, 2021.

I write poetry, memoir and personal essays. I write a blog about my experience with social anxiety. Writing helps me make sense of the world.

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